The Evolution of AdvanScribe
Some ideas take on
      a life of their own...
            and this was one of them!
Thank you for your interest in AdvanScribe!

This new and proven shortcut system was developed by Janet Dickens, a freelance transcriber who has been transcribing primarily U.S. Senate committee hearings since 1999. Listening to a wide variety of topics by experts from all walks of life and professions, she observed early on that people with widely varied communication styles actually have many speech patterns in common. After years of entering common words and phrases as shortcuts into WordPerfect's QuickCorrect, and adding spelling errors as corrections, these shortcuts became a methodology and AdvanScribe was born!

AdvanScribe is a compilation of 60,000 QuickCorrect/AutoCorrect entries into two unique databases (spelling and shorthand) that reduces the number of keystrokes for the same work by up to 30 percent and can be utilized by anyone using WordPerfect, Word, Excel, or Outlook, professionally or personally.

AdvanScribe's spelling database involves no training at all and instantly adds mover than 44,000 entries to your spellcheck process. As soon as the spelling file is attached to QuickCorrect or AutoCorrect, users will notice an immediate reduction in the number of spelling errors requiring attention. These are entries that will correct your misspellings automatically as you type.

AdvanScribe's shorthand database involves no sophisticated training, but comes with two searchable indexes containing lists of AdvanScribe entries, one grouped by shorthand type, one sorted alphabetically. These indexes enable new users to quickly find shorthand codes for particular entries. They also enable users to familiarize themselves with the methodology and put the shorthand to work right away.

Updates will be made available on a continuing basis, which means that AdvanScribe will continue to evolve and improve. We look forward to your comments and suggestions, which will be incorporated into AdvanScribe whenever possible.

You will soon become hooked! Enjoy the journey!
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