Introducing AdvanScribe
The wave of the future!
Introducing two new typing tools for WordPerfect and Word and Outlook users: two databases, one containing 44,000 additional spelling corrections not already in your spellcheck software, the other one containing 17,000 easy-to-learn shorthand codes for common words and phrases.

AdvanScribe is NOT an abbreviation expander and it does NOT involve memorization of quirky shortcuts or abbreviations, like "ezy txt" or "plz." AdvanScribe works through WordPerfect's QuickCorrect or Word's AutoCorrect function. The shorthand codes are straightforward, intuitive, and fun to use!

Whether you're at work or at home, AdvanScribe will instantly reduce the amount of time spent correcting misspellings and will reduce the number of keystrokes required to type common words and phrases.

Easy to install, easy to learn, easy to remove! Proven, reliable, accurate!
If you've ever typed "LOL" (for "laughing out loud") in an email or text message, you will love AdvanScribe!
AdvanScribe performs its magic through WordPerfect's QuickCorrect or Word's AutoCorrect and works hand-in-hand with the spellcheck and any attached specialty dictionaries!
AdvanScribe files attach separately to QuickCorrect and do NOT intermingle with personal QuickCorrect entries or spellcheck files.